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A Special Message from the Principal

In all my years of education, one is never ready for the tragedy that strikes children. We are not trained or prepared.  For the second time in my 30-year career, I am faced with acclimating a student back to school wheelchair bound.


Our students are resilient and help us more forward. Their hearts and energy have no limits, that is learned much later in life. So as we did successfully with Elizabeth when she was six, we will with Willie, Kindergarten student. Keep us all in your thoughts as we prepare to welcome him back with open arms.  


Please stop in the Main Office to see how you can support his family as we await his return.




-Principal Freida Smith

Nora Sterry Elementary School




Hello Nora Sterry Families,


I am humbled and honored to have been given the opportunity to serve as Nora Sterry's next principal. I look forward to meeting each-and-every one of you in the coming weeks.


Please be sure to check back to our website soon as we are in the process of updating it.


Let's have a great 2017-2018 school year!


~Sara Lasnover, Ed.D.


Welcome to the Nora Sterry website.


I would like to introduce the New Nora Sterry Principal, Dr. Sara Lasnover.  She comes with a wealth of experience and knowledge.  Please give her a warm Nora Sterry welcome.


Thank you, students, parents, teachers, and staff for an amazing career.  It was my pleasure to serve each of you.


Retired Principal,

Freida Smith