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Core Values

Nora Sterry Elementary School is a non-magnet, LAUSD elementary school constructed in 1897.  It is located in West Los Angeles, in close proximity to the University of California, Los Angeles. 

The Nora Sterry community currently serves 330 Extended Transitional Kindergarten, ETK, for student turning 5 between December 3 and June 30 of each year, Transitional Kindergarten, TK, for students turning 5 between September 2 and December 2 of each year, and K – 5th-grade students in sixteen general education classrooms and two special education classrooms.  We have a Resource Specialist on-site, a School Nurse assigned one day a week, and a school Psychologist assigned two days a week. 

    Nora Sterry is committed to improving the academic achievement of all students and therefore conducts an annual review of the School Plan and adjusts instruction and budget expenditures as needed.  Our teachers provide high-quality instruction according to the State Education Standards as measured by the California Standards test results.  We have experienced large growth in our API in the past seven years. 

    The staff at Nora Sterry is committed to creating a positive learning environment that maintains high standards in a nurturing way for all of our students.  We work together with parents as a school community to uphold these high standards.  Our school policies emphasize the importance of safety, respect, honesty, responsibility and courtesy in a learning environment.


Our goal is to develop self-discipline based upon kindness toward others.  Therefore, we expect all students to:

  1. ✤ Follow the directions of all staff members in a kind and courteous manner.

  2. ✤ Show respect to peers and adults by being considerate of the beliefs and feelings of all individuals.

  3. ✤ Attempt to solve problems verbally and thoughtfully.

  4. ✤ Exercise politeness and good manners at all times, including mealtimes.

Staff members teach positive communication and problem-solving skills daily to help students develop self-discipline and self-esteem.  Adults are available to help children who experience problems in the classroom, on the yard or in other parts of the school.


To support our children even further, we ask parents to be aware of and support the school policies.  We also expect parents to:

  1. ✤Send students to school on time and ready to learn.

  2. ✤Communicate regularly with the classroom teacher(s).

  3. ✤Help students develop good study habits by offering encouragement and support.

  4. ✤Model peaceful problem-solving techniques for their children.

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